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  • Memory
    • the effect of misleading information on EWT
      • Loftus and Palmer
        • Showed films of traffic accidents.
    • The effects of anxiety on EWT
      • Deffenbacher et al.
        • Stress has a negative impact on accuracy of EWT.
      • Christianson and Hubinette
        • Anxiety enhances recall
      • Johnson and Scott
        • The weapon- focus effect
      • Yerkes-Dodson law
        • Contradictory findings can be explained
    • The effects of age on EWT
      • Parker and Carranza
        • Children as witnesses
      • Yarmey
        • Age differences in accuracy
      • Memon et al
        • Effects of delay
    • The cognitive interview
      • Fisher and Gieselman
        • 1. report everything 2. Mental reinstatement of original context 3. changing the order 4.changing the perspective
      • Stein and Memom
        • Real-world application


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