Mertons functionalist perspective and anomie

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  • Mertons functionalist perspective and anomie
    • peoples aspirations and goals largely determined by the values of their culture.
      • an example of this would be the American dream in USA. the idea that anyone who works hard can become successful and rich regardless of their background.
    • some people accept the goal of achieving economic success but lack opportunities to succeed through socially acceptable routines.
      • for example most working class people have limited opportunities to find high flying jobs with huge salaries
    • people may experience between the goals they have been socialised to drive for and the means of achieving them.
      • a conditions called anomie develops ( the breakdown of norms). the norms regulate behaviour breakdown and people turn to whatever means work for them to achieve material success.
    • juvenile delinquency such as vandalism is not motivated by the goal of making money
    • it is not clear why some individuals faced with anomie break the rules, while others conform.
    • many sociologists argue that society is based on conflict between powerful and subordinate groups rather than on consensus or shared values and goals
    • Marxists argue that Merton fails to consider power relations in  society, or who makes the laws and benefits for them


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