methods of modifying schizophrenia - CBT

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  • methods of modifying schizophrenia - CBT
    • CBT draws from the cognitive and behavioural fields of psychology and aims to challenge maladaptive or delusional thoughts and replace them with constructive thinking that will lead to healthy behaviour
    • Schizophrenics are often unaware that they are subject to cognitive errors or irrational thinking, so the therapist will try to make these thoughts conscious and then challenge them to make the patient see that there is no basis for these thoughts
    • The therapy is used mainly to reduce positive symptoms, but increased confidence through CBT may have a knock-on effect for committed negative symptoms like avolition and asociality
    • For schizophrenics who hear voices, CBT may help them attribute these voices as originating in their own mind rather than an external source. For delusions, these can be tested and challenged in a controlled environment so that the schizophrenic may see them for the falsities that they are
    • One aspect of CBT is Cognitive Strategy Enhancement, which aims to help schizophrenics cope better with their psychotic symptoms.
      • Therapists work with them to develop ways of managing their symptoms and target specific symptoms like auditory hallucinations, which are challenged and assigned another reason why they are present in an attempt to help the schizophrenic understand and combat their behaviour.
    • Cognitive Enhancement Therapy, which is used for those who are in recovery and are stabilised on medication.
      • These patients will have responded to treatment for positive symptoms but still show cognitive and/or negative symptoms. CET aims to improve cognitive abilities such as working memory, attention span and problem-solving skills. This begins with sixty hours of computer-based cognitive exercises, followed by forty-five small group therapy sessions with the idea being that patients enhance their social skills eg. maintaining a conversation.


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