Methods Of Separation of Solutes/Solvents/Solutions Chemistry

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      • Is used to separate a solid from a liquid.
        • Example Sand and water
          • The mixture is poured into a funnel. The liquid goes through the paper-filtrate- and the residue is left on the funnel paper.
        • It can also be used to separate 2 solids from each other. Like salt-soluble- and beans-insoluble-.
    • Simple distillation
      • Used to separate a component from a solution.
        • Salt-NACL- from water.
        • Salt remains in the side arm flask. Pure water is collected in a beaker. Water from the tap comes from down and fills up the flask and comes out from up after cooling the stream.
    • Fractional distillation
      • Used to separate a mixture of liquid.
      • Example ethanol from water
    • Crystallization of sodium chloride.
      • Used to separate a solute from a solution
      • Example  common salt from sodium chloride solution
        • Sodium chloride is heated in an evaporation dish until most of the water evaporates (1)
          • Saturated solution of sodium  chloride is formed. (2)
            • A glass rod is put into an evaporating dish to collect some of the NaCl crystals.(3)
              • Stop heating then filter off the excess water.
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