Miasma in Greek Tragedy

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  • Miasma in Greek Tragedy
    • Antigone
      • Ancestral curse left over from Oedipus
      • The unburied body of Polynikes because he is a "traitor" to the state
        • Also functions as the Aristotlean Incentive Moment
        • The first edict of Creon as "the new man for the new day"
        • Antigone buries it twice!
    • Hippolytus
      • The exile and murder of Hippolytus by Theseus
        • Uses the wishes of his own father, Poseidon!
      • Theseus is in exile because of miasma!
        • The murder of his cousins, the Pallantids
        • Perhaps why he goes to the Delphi Oracle just like in Heracles by Euripides
      • Phaedra is scared of her miasma - "a pollution stains my mind"
        • Concept of miasma being an internal struggle
      • Theseus sees Hippolytus as stained with miasma as he considers the "****" of Phaedra -incest
        • Use of familial imagery - "Outrage your fathers wife"
    • Oedipus
      • Plague is the physical representation of the Miasma
        • Functions as the Aristolean Incentive Moment
      • The Blood Pollution is due to the fact of the murderer of Laius being present in Thebes
        • Repetition of "blood bonds" in narrative
      • Oedipus coupling with his mother
        • Prophecy
        • Hubristic
      • Ancestral miasma from Laius **** of Chrysippus
      • Oedipus curses his children at the end
    • Medea
      • The killing of her children!
        • She contemplates the moral and emotional restrains of miasma through the majority of the narrative
      • She doesn't allow for Jason to bury his children
      • Miasma is in her very backstory as she "persuaded the daughters of Pelias to kill their father"


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