Middle Adulthood

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  • Middle Adulthood
    • The Menopause
      • The ending of female fertility
      • Reduction in the production of female sex hormones
      • Menopause can affect both physical and emotional development
      • Gradual ending of menstruation
      • Osteoporosis can occur due to the reduction in production of sex hormones
    • Physical effects of ageing
      • Changes in body shape
        • Weight gain and waistline
      • Loss of skin elasticity
        • Wrinkles
      • Loss of muscle tone and strength
      • Grey hair
      • Thinning of hair
      • Hair loss
    • Deterioration of health
      • Changes to body systems as a result of disease
      • The heart becomes more susceptible to disease
      • 5cm of height can be lost by the age of 80
        • Caused by posture and compression of the spinal discs
      • Stamina may reduce
      • Gross motor skills may deteriorate
        • Balance
      • Mild cognitive impairment occurs
        • Memory
    • Life Expectancy
      • An estimate of the number of years, on average that a person can expect to live.
      • Can be known as longevity


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