Milgram's Original Study

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  • Milgram's Original Study
    • Aim
      • To find out if naïve ppts would obey orders from and authority that went against their values, specifically, to see if they would deliver electric shocks to a confederate.
    • Procedure
      • The volt machine ranged from 15V - 450V.
      • The teacher had to read the word pairs to the learner. Every time there was an incorrect answer ppts had to give an electric shock going up 15V every time a wrong answer was given.
      • Verbal prods were used to make the teacher continue carry on shocking the student. This is a standardized procedure.
    • Conclusion
      • Milgram concluded that ordinary people will obey immoral orders in the right situation.
    • Sample
      • 40 ppts, all men aged 20-50. They were recruited through volunteer sampling: Milgram posted newspaper ads and they were paid $4 for turning up to a "study of memory".
    • Variables
      • IV
        • This is a structured observation, so there is no IV.
      • DV
        • Milgram measured the highest shock level each ppt would go to, treating 450V as "complete obedience".
    • Results
      • The ppts were obedient up until 300V
      • 14 ppts dropped out of the study.
      • The remaining 26 ppts (65%) carried on to 450V shock until the end.


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