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  • James I and Religion
    • Caused Issues
      • Concerned over Puritan anti-episcopacy (No Bishop, No King), hostile at Hampton Court Conference 1604 ('I will harry them out of the land')
      • 1% of ministers left for United Provinces + American colonies - unpopularity of Bancroft Canons
      • 1618 Book of Sports - upsets Puritans and Abbot (dancing, archery, Whitsun ales, morris dancing, maypoles etc)
      • Fined recusants 5d a week (£2.97 in 2017 money - daily labour wage 10.25d)
      • Pro-Spanish policy: 1604 Treaty of London (19yr Anglo-Spanish war), no Protestant crusade 1618 30 Yrs War, attempted Spanish Match (failed 1623, C1 and Buckingham go to Spain, backfires)
      • Doesn't censor Montagu's 1624 'A New Gag For An Old Goose' - anti-Puritan, Arminian, stressed Catholic elements in Anglican church, at expense of 39 Articles
      • 1605 harsh Popish Recusant Act convicts 5560 people, leads to Gunpowder Plot
      • Popish Recusant Act 1605 - Catholics banned from being doctors and lawyers, could have homes searched, no travel w/o permission, suggested confiscation of 2/3 of property
      • 1606 Oath of Allegiance after Gunpowder Plot - James over Pope, papal condemnation, angered Catholics
    • Not his Issues
      • Had been years of religious confusion due to differing views of monarchs Henry VIII onwards
      • Church had lack of resources
      • Growing Puritan minority believed in predestination; many (incl. James) saw them as troublemakers
      • Millenary Petition 1603 signed by 1000 Puritans - questions James' authority
      • Fear of Catholicism left over from Marian Persecutions + Europe events
      • 3 Catholic plots: 1603 Bye Plot, Main Plot, Gunpowder Plot
    • Moderating Influence
      • Hampton Court Conference won over moderate Puritans w/ promise of King James Bible (1611) and explanation of 39 Articles
        • love of debate may have helped him here
      • 1604-5, only 2 Puritan ministers fired for nonconformity (removal of extremist minority)
      • Allowed prophesying and preaching at court
      • Balanced appointment of bishops (Puritan, Arminian, Catholic etc)
      • 1611 Abbot as Archbishop - Calvinist, didn't want to persecute Puritans
      • Proposed 70+ bills in 1st 2 Parliaments aimed at pluralism
      • Had Arminians in Privy Council - to show trust took them to Scot. with him 1617
      • Balance of Arminian bishops, not pressured by Charles and Buckingham
      • Didn't promote Laud to major post despite Buckingham pleadings, gave him minor bishopric of St David's in Wales
      • Marriage balance - Elizabeth 1613 to Frederick V Palatinate; Charles 1625 to Henrietta Maria (+ Spanish Infanta)
      • 'It were a pity to loose so good a kingdom, for not tolerating a mass in a corner' - James, on Catholicism
      • Didn't want to persecute conforming Catholics - lenient in enforcing law - only 25 executed. Catholic population increases


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