Food and Nutrition- Minerals

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  • Minerals
    • Potassium
      • works with sodium, allows nerves and muscles to work, could prevent high blood pressure
        • dried fruit, pulses, yeast extract, fruit juices
    • Calcium
      • works with phosphorus to give hardness and strength to bones and teeth, helps blood clot after injury
        • milk, cheese, white bread, bones of canned fish
    • Iodine
      • needed for development of nervous system of a foetus
        • seafood, milk, meat and eggs
    • Iron
      • important part of haemoglobin, produces energy and helps maintain cell functions
      • helps transport oxygen to all parts of the body
        • Liver, Kidney, cocoa, dried fruit, pulses.
    • Sodium
      • maintains extra-cellular fluids in the body.
        • naturally in most fish, added to most manufactured food
    • Phosphorus
      • aids formation of bones and development  of teeth, provides energy
        • cereal products, nuts, meat, bananas and fish
    • Fluoride
      • helps calcium stay in bones and teeth, combines with tooth enamel to protect teeth
        • seafood, fluoridated water


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