Minority influence

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  • Minority influnce
    • What?
      • Form of social influence in which a minority of people persuade others to adopt their beliefs, attitudes or behaviours
      • Leads to internalisation/conversion
      • Private attitudes changed as well as public behaviours
    • Moscovici
      • Each group had four naive ppts with minority of two confederates
      • Ppts and confederates all shown blue slides and asked to judge colour of each
      • 'Consistent' condition, confederates always gave wrong answer, calling blue slides green
      • 'Inconsistent' condition, confederates called blue slides green 2/3 of time
      • Consistent: Naive ppts gave wrong answer 8% of time
      • After study, ppts asked to sort blue/green discs into correct colours
      • Ppts from 'consistent' condition still gave wrong answer, minority influence long lasting
    • Consistency
      • Minority influence most effective if minority keeps same beliefs
      • Both over time and between all individuals from minority
      • Effective- draws attention to minority view
    • Commitment
      • Minority influence more powerful if minority demonstrates dedication to their position
      • Example: making personal sacrifices
      • Effective because it shows minority is not acting out of self interest
    • Flexibility
      • Minority influence more effective if minority show flexibility by accepting possibility of compromise
    • Process of change
      • If all three factors followed, people begin to pay attention to and think about the topic
      • Over time, increasing numbers of people switch from majority position to minority position
      • Become converted


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