Minority influence and Social change

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  • Minority influence and Social change
    • Minority influence - people reject the established majority norm and move to the minority position
      • minority influence happens slowly
    • Social change - when a society adopts a new belief or way of behaving - then becomes widely accepted as the norm
    • Conditions for conversion
      • Relevance
        • minority views must be relevant for change to happen - views that are justified are more successful
      • Flexibility
        • minority view can be seen as being narrow minded - majority opinion is more likely to shift if the minority is flexible
      • Committment
        • minorities can evert influence by showing dedication - people are unlikely to suffer for a cause which isn't worthwhile
      • Consistency
        • when minorities express their arguments consistently, they are taken more seriously and more likely to bring about social change
    • Snowball effect
      • when a few people from the majority start to move to the minority then the minority begins to gain momentum
      • when a minority has enough supporters it has transformed into the new majority
      • it may only take one member of the majority to yield to the minority for there to be a snowball effect


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