multicultural london english: kanguage change

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  • MLE essay plan: why is it good
    • good
      • it is a mixture of many different slangs therefore there is not one uniform way of speaking the language
      • it is slowly becoming more uniform and expanding past east london to essex and hertfordshire
      • kershwill(2007 did a study to show how being able to speak a common socioloect made immigrants feel like they belonged
      • it is showig that the world in england is evolving to become a more multicultural place, and that english can be broadended
        • broadning the english language is a perscriptivists nightmare and a descriptivists dream
    • origion
      • it originated in the east end of london among the young working class, it is slowly replacing cockney english
      • it is most commonly heard to be spoken among school children where english is not their first lamguage
      • the cockney way of speaking is associated with first gen immigrants who are known as anglos.
        • the cockney slang is more known with those who are 2nd and 3rd generation migrants from all differnt counteries
      • it is all differnet there are no two districtswith the same words
    • bad
      • so many different warys of talking it can mean that it is hard to understand
      • itis often confused with other different idolects
      • distorting the way english has bee spoken for centuries and making it confusing
      • demarcation:there is no boundry
    • how it is spoken
      • the great dipthong shift
        • vowel sounds
      • f-th
      • i was, you was= replacing werent
      • it is mainly seen that ethnic minorietes all speak it a different way, lancaster university publishesd a study on how ethnic minorites spread the language


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