Mobile Phones- Design and the environment

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  • Mobile Phones- Design and the Environment
    • Raw Material Extraction and Process
      • Extracting raw materials can impact the environment such as oil spills or damage to the landscape from mining
      • To minimise the impact: -mobile phones are smaller, reducing the quantity of material in the phone
      • To minimise the impact: -use a percentage of recycled material to reduce the amount of new material needed
    • Manafacture
      • Material Waste
        • Use of Lean Manufacturing such as injection moulding is automated and uses orecuse quanities of material makng it very accurate so no materials are wasted
        • Just In Time manufacturing ensure manufactures aren't left with unsold stock-wasting materials
      • Energy Consumption
        • sustainable energy systems such as solar, wind and biofuels contribute to production e.g., smart vile
        • Energy recovery systems recycles wasted energy such as heat
      • Toxic Emissions
        • Such as soldering or injection moulding are extracted and filtered before released to atmosphere
    • Distribution
      • Phones have become smaller, meaning less packaging is needed.
      • Replacing polystyrene with shaped card that has been recycled
      • Regular shaped packin to maximise how many phones can fit on a pallet and be transported to reduce amount of tips
      • Instructions manuals now available only electronically
    • Use
      • Charging phones consumes energy lithium-ion batteries now need less of a frequent charge
      • Smart charges switch off when phone is fully charged or solar panel chargers
      • Energy saving features such as low power mode
    • Disposal
      • iPhone use software updates to extend their life
      • Phone case to protect phones
      • Shape Memory Alloy fixings
      • Phones are made from recyclable materials such as ABS and Aluminium
      • Instructions on how to dispose and apples recycling surface




This is great. Got a feeling its gonna turn up in PROD3 this year!!

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