Moblie phones

Moblie phones

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  • Mobile Phones
    • A supply chain is the journey a product goes through from the producer to the consumer
      • it begins with raw materials and ends with the disposal of a product after the consumer has finished
        • Material extraction: Republic of Congo produces Tantalum
          • Research and development
            • Manufacture: 1/2 of mobile phones made in China
              • End-of-life: the phone is broken
                • Recycling: some are shipped to china for recycling
                  • Disposal: end up at a landsite or incinerator
    • Producers
      • Most of the country's mineral deposits are in the east.
        • 1000s of people move to mining camps to earn a living wage
        • Uganda and Rwanda supported rebel groups fighting the government. They are funded by money from coltan
      • Working conditions
        • they are dangerous, workers are not provide with safety equipment
          • Often they go down in flip flops + t-shirt. Sometimes the mines would collapse on them
      • Child Labour
        • 10 or thousands of children are employed as miners
          • Children are leaving the studies to become miners, one school 30% dropped
      • Pay
        • Coltan miners are paid very low wages: $1 a day.
        • at $422, the Republic of Congo had the lowest GDP


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