Models of Criminal Justice

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  • Models of Criminal Justice
    • The Crime Control Model
      • Proposed by Herbert Packer
      • The quick and efficient disposal of criminals
        • Also called the 'Conveyor Belt' model
      • Aim = to stop reoffending
      • Focus = protecting the rights of the victim not the offender
      • Gives the police enhanced powers
      • Theories
        • Right Realism
          • Zero-tolerance policing
        • Functionalism
          • Reinforces moral bounds in society
      • Examples of support
        • Allowance of bad character as evidence + previous convictions
        • Removal of the 'Double Jeopardy' law
        • Extended pre-trial detention time for terrorism
    • The Due Process Model
      • Proposed by Herbert Packer
      • Concept of a person is innocent until proven guilty
      • Police have limited powers
      • CJS - safeguarding the rights of everyone
      • Helps to ensure a just verdict
      • Theories
        • Left Realism
          • Non-discriminary
        • Labelling
          • Stops the labelling of people
      • Examples of support
        • Acknowledge through the Criminal Evidence Act 1984
        • All interviews are now recorded
        • The right to legal representative
        • Human Rights Act 1998
          • The CJS to be looked at from a human rights perspective


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