Monitoring of settings

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  • Monitoring of HC settings
    • Line Management
      • All staff will be monitored by line managers
      • Line managers will be at least one level above the team or individual
      • Managers are monitored by line managers
    • External Inspection
      • CQC inspect and regulate different care services
        • NHS trusts
        • Adult social care services
        • Dental practices
        • Substance misuse services etc...
        • 5 CQC Questions:
          • Are they safe?
          • Are they caring?
          • Are they responsive to people's needs?
          • Are they effective?
          • Are they well-lead?
      • Ofsted
        • Early years
        • Education
      • Produce reports and judge on quality of care provided within the setting
        • Outstanding, good, requires improvement, inadequate
    • Service User Feedback
      • Comments/ suggestion box
      • Frequent meetings for service users
      • Committees can be formed
      • Private meetings with managers
      • Report good practice or areas of concern
    • Criminal Investigation
      • In cases of abuse
      • Where criminal law is broken


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