Mortal Women in the Aeneid

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  • Mortal Women in the Aeneid
    • Amata
      • Book 7
        • rejects the marriage between Aeneas and Lavinia
        • used and maddened by the gods to try and prevent the marriage
          • and perhaps war
        • hides Lavinia
        • behaves like a bacchant
      • Book 12
        • begs Turnus to not go back to war
          • warns him that she will kill herself if he dies
            • refuses to watch Lavinia marry the Trojan
        • kills herself  when she believes that Turnus was killed
    • Dido
      • Book 1
        • hospitable, fair, good leader, clever, resourceful
        • Welcomes the Trojans
        • wants to learn about the Fall of Troy
        • Venus and Cupid make Dido fall in love with Aeneas
      • Book 4
        • maddened by love and regret
          • commits suicide
        • becomes a poor leader once 'married' to Aeneas
          • neglects her duties
      • Book 6
        • silent
        • reunited with Sychaeus
    • Camilla
      • Catalogue of Italian Warriors
        • mentioned at the end = Significant
      • Book 11
        • aristeia
        • trusted and respected as a leader by Turnus
        • dies because as a woman she was 'distracted'
        • she's given a background thumbnail portrait
        • favoured by Diana
    • Creusa
      • Book 2
        • insignificant
          • Aeneas loses her
        • dies
          • tells Aeneas to continue his journey - he will marry again
        • Obstacle to Aeneas' destiny
  • Becker - Nowhere does Virgil imply that Camilla as a leader is unwelcome or unfit
  • Becker - Camilla is a different sort of character
  • Marwood - Dido... has been eroded by her passion
  • Williams - Dido is brushed aside and trampled on by its requirement
  • Williams - Roman destiny could not be in fact achieved without great sacrifices


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