Motivating employees

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  • Motivating staff 4.3
    • Benefits of a motivated workforce.
      • Improved recruitment and selection
        • Past employees have good experiences which encourages good candidates to apply
          • Better employees in the long term
      • Employee retention ^
        • If the employee is more enthusiastic they are less likely to leave.
      • Higher sales
        • Employees put more effort in
    • Motivation?
      • How enthusiastic someone is about working.
      • Factors
        • Non financial
        • Financial
      • Why work at all? (Maslow's hierarchy of needs)
    • Non financial methods
      • Job enrichment
        • Delegate authority to subordinates
        • May be needed for job enrichment
      • TRaining
        • May be needed for job enrichment
        • Gives employees the feeling of value and ensures their safety.
      • Changing management styles
        • Autocratic
          • Very strict
          • Less creativity, one boss
        • Democratic
          • Team based, more room for creativity
          • Voting- everyone has their say
          • More motivation
    • Financial methods
      • Fringe benefits
        • Added, usually non financial, benefits e.g. company car
      • Piece pay
        • A certain pay per item produced e.g bricklaying
      • Profit sharing
        • Percentage of profit on top of salary.
      • Commision
        • Payment for each sale in addition to sales/wages


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