Motivation collaboration

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  • Lack of Collaboration/ Motivation stakeholders- and why?
    • Shareholders
      • Less dividends to be received
      • Less shares, company less profitable
    • Staff members
      • Left with more work to complete
      • Low team morale
      • Less Knowledge sharing
      • More likely to leave the company
    • Project manager
      • Will have a failing project
      • No team to trust
    • Local council
      • losing a  bigger company in potentially a smaller area could effect the lcoal area massivey
      • Interest in how well the company performs
    • Company Board
      • Will be unhappy with lower collaboration levels
      • Will look at moving staff on with lower project levels
      • Have to pump money into motivation and collaboration techniques
        • Bonuses
        • Team building
    • Government
      • Might have to bail out of it's a bigger company
    • Suppliers
      • They may go out of business if the company aren't buying as much due to downturn
      • Smaller orders bought, due to lesser productivity within the company
    • Society
      • Less likely to trust a company with evidence of a downturn
    • Customers
      • Less liekyl to purchase off a company if they can't provide
      • will visit competition instead
    • Local community
      • Local jobs may be lost


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