Motivation Theory

quick revision page on maslows hierachy of needs!

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  • Motivation Theory
    • Self Actulization
      • The ability to realise full potential.
        • Once the need is satisfied, then it no longer acts as a motivator.
      • If workers have fulfilled a need it doesn't mean they will be motivated if they get more of the same need.
    • Self esteem
      • Workers can develop a sense of respect by being more involved. Companies have to have strong policies on discrimination at work to increase motivation.
    • Love and Belonging
      • Companies have to create a sense of family.
      • Management team have to spend time listening to their staff to increase motivation.
    • Safety Needs
      • People want to know whether they are physically safe.
      • They do not want to be made redundant.
        • Poor health and safety records cause demotivate.
    • Physiological Needs
      • Workers are motivated to work because they can provide for their basic needs.
      • Air, water, food, shelter, sleep, sex.




The mind map provides an explanation of the various levels of Maslow's hierarchy of needs. It requires basic understanding of the theory to fully understand as well so should be used in conjunction with other revision tools. Students could create their own hierarchy of needs and use the information from this mind map to enhance it.

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