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  • The Multi-store Model of Memory
    • Short Term  Memory
      • Coding: Info is stored acoustically (in the form of sound).
      • Capacity: Miller suggested 7+-2 (5-9)  can be improved by chunking
      • Duration: Short (18-30s), can be extended by rehearsal.
      • Info passed to LTM through maintenance rehearsal (repeating info) or elaborative rehearsal (linking to info in LTM)
      • Info can be lost through displacement or decay.
    • Sensory Register
      • Info must be detected by sensory neurons.
      • Info passed to STM by paying attention
      • Capacity: Large  (has to contain sense impressions for all senses constantly),
      • Coding: Modality specific (ionic=vision,echoic=sound,gustatory=taste etc)
      • Duration; Very short due to amount of info, each store has a different duration.
    • Long Term Memory
      • Coding: Semantic (form of meaning)
      • Capacity: No limit found. Info can be lost, info in LTM can be non acessible
      • Duration: Potentially unlimited.
      • To use LTM info, needs to be passed to STM (retrieval).


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