multi store model-psychology aqa

simple overview of the multi store model

comment if you want overview of anything else

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  • multi store model
    • stm
      • encoding is acoustic
        • research done by baddley.
      • duration 20 seconds
        • research done by peterson and peterson
      • capacity 7+/- 2 items
        • research done by miller (digit span)
          • supported by conrad
    • ltm
      • duration lifetime
      • encoding semantic
        • research done by baddley
      • capacity unlimited
    • sm
      • information arrives through senses
      • has low capacity and duration
    • says information is kept in memory through reahersal
    • strengths
      • backed up by a lot of research therfore reliable
      • base to many later models.
    • weaknesses
      • oversimplified therefore cannot explain real life case studies
    • all studies were lab based so were affected by demand charecteristics but controlled extraneous variables.
    • supported by case study of HM





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