Multicultural Societies in the UK

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  • Multicultural Societies in the UK
    • A multicultural society contains people from many different national, cultural and religious backgrounds.
    • Why are there multicultural societies
      • Immigration
        • New countries joining the Eu since 2004, led to more immigration
    • Most immigrants move to urban areas
      • Ethnic minorities tend to be in large urban areas
        • 45% of the UK's ethnic minorities live in London
      • Most have settled in industrial cities
        • Demand for workers
      • Few settle in rural areas, lack of job opportunities
      • Many settled in London because its a global hub
        • Many international organisations and large business operations
    • Issues associated with multicultural societies
      • Racial Tensions
        • Racial, religious and language differences can lead to tensions
        • Racial Violence after London bombings (7th July 2005)
        • Opposition to customs (wearing of the burqa)
      • Housing Issues
        • Many immigrants have low paid, inner city jobs
          • Low cost housing, poor living conditions, overcrowding
        • Many prefer to live in communities of similar ethnicity
          • Have access to facilities, Halal meat, places of worship etc
          • Can lead to ethnic segregation
      • Economic Issues
        • Many immigrants are working on long hour, low paying jobs
        • High levels of unemployment can lead to locals accusing immigrants of job stealing
      • Language Issues
        • Those who don't speak English, might find it hard to get a job
      • Education Issues
        • Faith schools have developed
          • This can cause segregation
        • Holiday  patterns, school meals may need to be altered
          • Schools in Manchester and London had to close to allow Muslim students to celebrate Eid
    • Case Studies
      • Bradford
        • 18% Asian population
        • Reasons
          • Centre for textile industry in 1800's
            • Immigration to work in mills
          • In 1940,s and 60's, encouraged immigration for labour shortages
            • Many from Pakistan, Caribbean and East Africa
        • Issues
          • Bradford's employment rate is 76%
            • But only 49% of ethnic minority men are employed
          • Overcrowding issues in Manningham
            • Many Pakistanis living here
          • Some schools need specialist language staff
      • Caribbean migration to Sheffield
        • In 2001, 5000 black, black british Caribbean in Sheffield
          • Large community in Burngreave
          • 90% in Sheffield for more than 20 years
        • Coming since 1670's, dramatic increase after WW2
          • Empire Windrush (boat) bought 493 people over in 1948
          • 100 000 left Caribbean in 1950's
        • One of the largest Caribbean populations in England
        • Youth4Inclusion group say 9000 now living in Sheffield


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