Munich Putsch

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  • Munich Putsch
    • Causes
      • Hitler decided that, during the political and economic crises of 1923, the disgraced government would be easy to topple
      • Hitler detested the Weimar Republic and thought the government  would be weakened by Hyperinflation and the French invasion
      • Nazi Party had grown in support (55,000 members in 1923) in Bavaria
      • Hitler wanted to launch himself into the international scene and was inspired by Mussolini
      • Hitler had won support of Ludendorff, former army Commander-in-chief
      • Many Germans were furious at the calling-off of passive resistance in the Ruhr
    • Events
      • 8th November 1923 - Hitler and 600 Nazis burst into the Munich Beer Hall
        • Hitler (placing them at gunpoint) won the support of von Kahr, von Lossow (army chief) and von Seisser (police chief)
          • von Lossow and von Seisser changed their minds, and organised police and soldiers to stop the Putsch
          • Despite his plans falling apart, Hitler marched on Munich
            • Nazis only had around 2000 rifles. Shots were fired; 16 Nazis and 4 policemen were killed
              • Hitler disappeared but was arrested 2 days later. The Nazi Party was banned
    • Hitler's trial
      • Hitler was arrested along with Ludendorff and tried for treason
      • Trial began in Feb 1924 and lasted around a month
        • Gave Hitler nationwide publicity and introduced him to German press
          • He denied treason, and stated he was returning Germany to its former glory
            • He poured scorn on the November Criminals, Treaty of Versailles, and Jews
              • The sympathetic judges allowed him to make speeches which were published in newspapers. Hitler became famous.
                • On 1st April, Hitler was charged with treason and sentenced to 5 years in Landsberg prison (of which he served 9 months)


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