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  • Narrative
    • Propp's Characters
      • Hero/Protagonist - Character who seeks something
      • Villain/Antagonist - Who opposes or blocks the hero's quest.
      • Donor - Provides an object which has some magical property.
      • Dispatcher - Sends the hero on his way by providing a message
      • False Hero - Disrupts the hero's hope of reward by pressing false claims
      • Helper - Aids the Hero
      • Princess - Acts as a reward for the Hero and as the object of the Villain's scheming.
      • Princess' Father - Acts to reward the Hero for his efforts
    • Todorov's Narrative Stages
      • 1. Equilibrium - Setting established, key characters introduced, storyline begins to be set.
      • 2. Disruption - An oppositional character(s) appear and the story takes a particular direction.
      • 3. Recognition of Disruption - The lives of the characters and events are interwoven. Tension builds throughout this section, which is often the longest.
      • 4. Attempt to repair the disruption - The highest point of tension within the film after which there is a change in the dynamic.
      • 5. Re-instatement of Equilibrium - Matters are sorted out, problems are solvced and questions are answered. Equilibrium begins but events may have changed people.
    • Television Terms
      • Multi Stranded Narrative - When a TV drama follows more than one storyline, which may interweave or connect.
      • Cross Plot - A way of tracking different storylines through a single episode of a TV Drama
      • Episode - 1 programme in a TV series
      • Serial - Continuing Narrative over a limited number of linked programmes eg: Footballers' Wives
      • Soaps - An ongoing multi-standed television serial drama eg: Eastenders
      • Series - Linked programmes with the same lead characters where each episode is a complete story
      • Mini - Series - A serial or series of up to around 6 episodes.
      • The  One Off Drama - A special drama of only one episode eg: Pride and Prejudice.
    • Playing with Narratives
      • Flashback - When a section of the film is referred back to. Eg: The Incredible Hulk (2008)
      • Flashfoward - Where a section of the film from the future is shown before it would normally appear. Eg: Inside Man (2006)
      • Twist - Where part of the film (often at the end) is unpredictable or shocking. Eg: The Happening (2008)
      • Parallel Narratives - Where the lives of characters move alongside each other for some of the film without them meeting. Eg: Crash (2004)


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