Unit 1: National Parks

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  • National Parks
    • Designated by Natural England under the National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act (1949)
    • Each park is managed by it's own National Park Authority
      • Control activities of landowners - development restrictions and management agreements
        • However some contravertial developments for 'greater good' still take place
          • Military training
          • Reservoirs
          • Quarrying
          • Conifer plantations
          • Energy farms
    • Conflicts or competing interests within parks
      • Soil erosion from walkers and cyclists
        • Paths
      • Congestion from visitors increases pollution
        • Encouragement of public transport
      • Disturbance of wildlife - trampling and breeding failure
        • Restricted areas and pathways
      • Litter kills or injures wildlife
      • Increased house prices and more house market competition from popularity of houses
      • Recreation conflicts - quiet activities and obstructive ones


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