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  • Nationalism
    • Liberal nationalism
      • came from enlightenment - getting rid of absolute monarchy
        • and also the french revolution
      • rejection of hereditary monarchy for a democratic government
        • indpendent nation state and is inclusive and rational
      • progressive - democracy
      • multicultural, pluralism and tolerance
      • Roussau - general will, people are sovereign
        • sovereignty of nation is based on participation of citizens
      • Mazzinni - supports representative democracy but individual interests are most important
    • Conservative nationalism
      • maintaining social order and defending tradition - backward looking
        • the past is idealised
      • irrational and superstitious of supra national bodies
      • imperialism and colonialism
      • herder - common language is the centre f culture
        • volksgeist
      • Maurras - anti democracy and pro hereditary monarchy
        • chauvinism of french people
    • Expansionism
      • Chavinistic - superiority of your nation over other nations
        • has to be a 'them' to hate in order for there to be an 'us'
        • don't respect sovereignty of other nation states
      • Racial - nazi germany and Putin's Russia
      • militarianism - military creates glory
    • Post colonialism
      • developing a sense of nation hood
        • returning governance of a nation back to the nation rule
      • Garvey  - black nationalist - create nationalism across all teh states in africa
    • Progressive or regressive
      • liberal nationalists promoste democracy and liberty - progress comes from uniting common values
      • Conservatives are regressive as they want to recreate the past


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