Nationalism pt 6

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  • Nationalism - Expansionist nationalism
    • Key ideas
      • - Different to conservative nationalists because conservatives are defensive in their relationship to the rest of the world 'defensive nationalism' e.g China under Mao Tse-tung after 1949 and Indian nationalism in the 1980s under Indira Gandhi
      • Forms: Imperialism, Pan-nationalism (aspiration to unite people who are spread among many different states such as Gamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt in 1950s, Pan-Africanism led by Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana and pan-Slavism led by czarist Russia in the 19th century), Militarism (e.g Nazism, Japanese nationalism in the 1930s and Italian fascism under Mussolini, Chauvinism (an exaggerated form of patriotism associated with Maurras and Gaulle), Racial conquest (racist nationalists come to believe that their own race is superior so take territory occupied by other racial groups e.g Nazi creed and Balkan wars of 1990s)
      • - Opposed to liberal nationalism and rejects the right to self-determination
      • - Highly militaristic so the state, government and army become fused and the country's resources become focused on world domination
      • - Integral nationalism with intense patriotism and country above all else e.g Myth of Aryan supremacy. Regressive ideas
    • Scramble for Africa
      • - In the late 19th century British businessman Cecil Rhodes wanted to expand British control from Cairo to Cape to "unify the possession, facilitate governance, enable the military to move quickly to hot spots or conduct war, help settlement, and foster trade"
      • - "I contend we are the finest race in the world and that the more of the world we inhabit the better it is for the human race" - Cecil Rhodes
    • Imperialism
      • - National progress is seen in terms if the creation of overseas empire of colonial possessions
      • - 1880s the great European powers colonised Africa so that bu 1914, 90% of the continent was under colonial rule
    • Thinker: Charles Maurras (1868-1952) can be used
    • Radical nationalism
      • - Regressive nationalism - Nazism, Italian fascism and Japanese nationalism
      • - These ideas were racist and used mythology to help create a national identity. Aggressive nationalism that looks back to Nazism and Italian fascism for simplicity and traditional family values


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