Natural Language and Voice Recognition

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  • Natural Language and Voice Recognition
    • Features of Voice Input
      • A microphone attached to a soundcard is used to capture speech.
        • The signal is converted from analogue to digital using sampling.
          • The digital signal is compared to a database of sounds for a matching pattern of frequencies.
      • Advantages
        • -No training is required in the use of the application.
        • -Accurate spelling of words for users with literacy problems.
        • -For those with limited mobility it is a more effective method of input.
        • Disadvantage
          • -Prone to interference
          • -User may be required to speak more slowly and louder than normal.
          • -May only recognise a limited range of voices / must be trained specifically to recognise a user's voice.
      • Software required: Microphone driver as well as compression SW and voice recognition software.
    • Features of Natural Language
      • Allows the user to interact using written 'human' language, or spoken commands, instead of computer language and commands that are associated with specific tasks.
      • Verbs/Phrases are used to instigate functionality, such as creating, selecting, modifying data.
      • Sounds are stored in a database and the user input is compared with these.
      • Speed recognition software is used.
      • Hardware required: A microphone and a sound card.


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