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  • Natural moral law
    • objectively ideal way to be human, we will achieve our maximum physical, mental and spiritual health.
    • Thomas Aquinas- all things have a design and purpose, which could be found in the natural world.
      • universal and unchanging, relevant to all circumstances,given by God, seen by all humans, from the bible.
      • live, learn, reproduce,  worship God and order society.
        • secondary precepts- dictates of reason etc.
    • cardinal virtues- prudence, fortitude, justice and temperance
    • seven deadly sins- pride,avarice,sloth,gluttony,lust,envy,anger
      • Bernard hoose- proportionalism( modern interpretation)
    • strengths- simple universal guide, made accessible by human reason
      • weaknesses- Aquinas makes many assumptions.no room for situationism,relativism, consequentialism, or individualism.


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