nature and attributes of god

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  • nature and attributes of god
    • omnipotence
      • bible shows that god can do anything
        • Matthew 19:23-26 "with God all things are possible"
        • gave Abraham and Sarah a son
        • genesis: creation
      • descartes: god can do the logically impossible bc he is the creator
        • human logic means we can't understand this
          • macquarrie: misunderstandings are bc of religious language and use of analogies
      • aquinas: cannot do evil bc it is not his nature, keeps world in existence
      • swinburne: can do everything - has to be understood (only logically possible)
      • vardy and macquarrie:  god limits himself to allow for rational humans
      • hartshorne: absolute omnipotence is not a desirable quality, it should mean he is "unsurpassably great" and he has total influence
    • omniscience
      • schleiermacher:
        • god knows what we will do before we do it but he can't force us to do anything - does not restrict or limit free will
          • more of a "prediction" - compared to relationship between best friends
    • relationship with time
      • everlasting: god exists in the same timeline as us but he has no beginning or end
      • timess: god exists outside of time
        • augustine
          • god created time, not bound by it


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