nazi germany - racial ideology

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  • nazi racial ideology
    • Aryan superiority
      • ethnic minorities that did not fit the mold
        • Slavic people
        • Romani people
        • Black people
      • idea first developed in the 1800s, based on the false belief of racial superiority in northern and western Europe
        • zero scientific basis
          • taught in schools as 'racial science'
      • ideal was blonde hair, blue eyes, athletic + tall
        • many Aryans did not fit the ideal, but discrimination was more race based than superficial traits
    • eugenics
      • genetic superiority led to the persecution and murder of people with disabilities
        • 1933 Law for the Prevention of Hereditarily Diseased Offspring
          • resulted in thousands of forced sterilisations
      • in Mein Kampf, Hitler declares that even genocide is necessary to keep a pure gene pool
      • escalated rapidly by 1940, when hundreds of thousands of German with mental or physical disabilities were euthanised
    • intro to nazi racism
      • believed that the world was divided into distinct races with their own traits
      • races with the perceived best traits dominate other races
      • tried to use science to prove racial theories
        • recruited scientists to categorise people depending on physical features
          • actually proved that people *could not* be categorised this way and that nazi theories were objectively misguided
            • did not stop nazis from teaching 'racial science' and presenting it as fact
    • racial policies
      • nazi racism determined how people were treated, and those identified as Aryan recieved benefits
      • those who were identified as non-Aryan (esp. Jews) were heavily discriminated against
      • Nuremberg Laws
        • removed Jews' German citizenship + banned so-called race-mixing
      • forced sterilisation of certain groups
      • prevented people with disabilities, Black and Roma Germans from having children
        • incentivised Aryan women to get pregnant by Aryan ** members


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