nazi germany - successes in western europe

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  • German successes in Western Europe
    • Ribbentrop
      • gave misjudged assurances to Hitler that Britain and France would not go to war over the occupation of Poland
      • both countries declared war when Germany did not agree to withdraw its troops
        • Hitler had no other option but to extend the war to other fronts
    • April 1940
      • Denmark and Norway became the first casualties of Blitzkrieg
        • allowed the German navy to gain strategic access to the North Atlantic
      • even before the Polish campaign was over, plans were set in motion for invasion of Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg
    • German Panzers
      • bypassed the  Maginot Line and the French defences on the Belgian frontier
      • rapid advance through the Ardennes Forest in June 1940
      • France fell in June 1940
    • the British
      • Expeditionary Force pushed back to Dunkirk by late May 1940 and mainland Europe became fortress Germany
      • speed and scale of the victories reinforced Hitler's belief that the Western war had ended
        • and that Britain would accept a compromise peace
    • conflict in the West eventually became global with the invasion of the USSR


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