nazi germany - support for the regime

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  • the extent of support for the regime
    • reasons for growth in support
      • appeal of Hitler as a sacred voice of the people and a charismatic leader who seemed to have all the answers
      • role of the SA in intimidation, opportunities for young men, protecting Hitler, ideal Aryan role models
      • saturation of propaganda as manipulation, complete change of school system to almost programme the younger generation
        • the fuhrer cult
        • volksgemeinschaft
        • minorities (esp. jews) as scapegoats
      • 25 point programme appealed to people from all walks of life, unlike communists who only really appealed to industrial workers in cities
    • wealthy businessmen
      • were frightened communists would take their wealth away
        • willing to support any and all chance to destroy communism
      • began to give money to Hitler and the Nazis, hoping they would gain more seats – not the communists.
      • often considered a large reason for Hitler's growth
    • the middle-class
      • generally traditional and rejected Weimar democracy
      • Hitler's promise of economic prosperity after hyper-inflation and a strong government won their votes
    • nationalists
      • blamed the versailles treaty and reparations for economic fallout
      • Nazi ideas of autarky, german superiority and a strong germany won their votes
    • rural areas
      • appealed to shop-owners, artisans, farmers and agricultural labourers
      • Hitler's autarky plan heavily relied on bolstering the agriculture industry
      • hereditary farm law 1933 prevented farms from being repossessed by their owners and gave farmers more security


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