nazi germany - volksgemeinschaft

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  • volksgemeinschaft
    • 'people's community'
    • a racially unified and hierarchically organised body
      • perhaps the main purpose and goal of the Nazi revolution
      • creation required the purification and increase of the German “race” as well as its biological separation from the Jews
    • the interests of the individuals would be strictly subordinate to those of the nation
    • permanently prepared for war and would accept the discipline that this required
    • For Hitler, the natural unit of mankind was the Volk (nation), of which the German was the greatest, and the state existed only to serve the Volk
      • all morality and truth was judged in the context of interest and preservation of the Volk
      • a mission that the Weimar Republic had betrayed, according to the Nazis.
    • amalgam of fervent nationalism, anti-Semitism, and populism, not to mention the charismatic spell of Hitler’s oratory and the hypnotic pomp of Nazi rallies, was psychologically appealing to a populace gripped by the effects of the Great Depression


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