nazi propaganda and indoctrination

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  • nazi propaganda and indoctrination
    • importance of propaganda
      • Hitler believed that Germany lost WWI due to propaganda weakness/failure
      • creation of  the Ministry of Popular Enlightenment and Propaganda (Goebbels was head)
      • Goebbel's beliefs
        • propaganda should appeal to the widest possible audience
        • should generate strong emotions and blind faith
    • methods of propaganda
    • youth indoctrination
      • essential to long-term success
      • education system
        • taught 'racial science' and economic discrimination from a young age
      • all youth groups disbanded
        • Hitler Youth and League of German Maidens were the pillars of the youth regime
          • 90% of 14+ boys in HY by 1939
      • boys = blindly obedient soldiers
        • girls = dutiful wives and mothers
    • the fuhrer myth
      • Hitler supported more than his party
        • support was always shaky, but control was immense and Hitler was charismatic
          • fear made people retreat into a private sphere of blind trust
      • Hitler presented himself as a sacred hero and omnipotent warrior, embodiment of unity and purpose


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