Nazi Treatment of Jews

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  • treatment of jews
    • 1935-Nuremberg Laws
      • jews lose the rights of german citizens. this means they faced complete separate treatment. laws which followed included a ban on marriage between jews and non jews, banned from going to cinemas and universities, adding the names 'israel' or 'sarah' to their names
    • 1941-1942  Death Squads
      • Special murder squads moved into Eastern Europe rounding up any Jews in villages and towns. They shot all jews they could find.
    • 1934
      • jewish shops marked with yellow star of david and soldiers turn people away at the door
    • 1940-1943 Ghettos
      • as hitler and the nazis were in control of millions more jews, hitler chose a new brutal method to deal the 'problem.' jews were moved into the sectioned parts of cities which were bricked up. strict control was put on all food and good entering the ghettos. jews lived on rations around 184 calories a day. disease spread through the cramped ghettos and hundreds of thousands died. the most famous ghetto is warsaw. 440,000 thousands jews were placed into 5% of the cities size
    • 1938-Kristallnacht
      • the knight of broken glass. jewish homes, businesses and places of worships are attacked in November 1918 - they are looted, destroyed or set on fire. 100 jews are killed and 20,000 jews sent to concentration/prison camps. newspapers encouraged beatings and fires. first order or direct violence
    • 1942-1945 Final Solution
      • the nazis wanted to finally remove jews from society in a quick and efficient method. at the Wansee conference, leading nazis decided on the mass murder of jews in camps by either gas chambers or by working them to death.
        • concentration camps and death camps were set up across german occupied territories and jews were transported from all over europe. jews arrived at camps and were seperated into those sent to work and those being sent straight to death. by 1945, 6 million jews had been killed.
    • 1933
      • laws introduced to ban jews from important jobs
    • 1939
      • start of ww2 - jews now had a curfew and could be evicted from their homes at any time. as the nazis move into other countries, they now have have to deal with more jews. especially in poland which has a large jewish population


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