nervous system

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  • The Nervous System
    • Key Terms
      • Nervous system
        • Consists of the CNS and the PNS
      • Central nervous system
        • consists of the brain and spinal cord
      • Peripheral nervous system
        • sends information to the CNS from the outside world
        • transmits messages from the CNS to the glands and muscles in the body
      • Somatic nervous system
        • transmits information from receptor cells in the sense organs to the CNS, it also receives information from the CNS and directs muscles to act
      • Autonomic nervous system
        • transmits information to and from internal body organs
        • it is an involuntary system
    • AO1
      • the nervous system is a specialised network of cells in the human body and is the primary internal communication system
      • the nervous system has two main functions: to collect, process and respond to information and to co- ordinate the working of different organs and cells in the body
    • How the systems connect
      • The nervous system
        • Peripheral nervous system
          • Autonomic nervous system
            • Sympathetic nervous system
            • Para - sympathetic nervous system
          • Somatic nervous system
        • The central nervous system
          • The brain
          • The spinal cord


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