Son of Man in New Testament

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  • New Testament
    • Gospels and Son of Man
      • Vermes believes that it is a paradoxical title in that it is frequent in the Synoptic Gospels
      • Title never used by others but used by Jesus to speak of himself
    • Reactions of the Title
      • not controversial or dangerous
        • hides messianic secret
          • 'Messiah' would have brought unwanted attention from the Romans and Jewish leaders.
    • Overview
      • When Jesus used the title, he was assigning the Daniel prohecy to himself.
        • Drane points out that not all Jews would have understood the deeper meaning
          • did not connect title to eschatological figure of God.
    • Jesus' Usage
      • substitute for pronoun 'I'
        • first existed in oral traditional and portrays the phrase 'Son of Man' as a general reference to mankind
      • speaking of his future suffering and death
      • Speaking of his authority on earth
      • Speaking of his future glory and role in divine judgement.
        • Daniel's prophecy


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