Nigeria case study -location and importance

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    • Nigeria is located in North West Africa.
    • It lies just North of the equator, with its south coast on the Gulf of Guinea (part of the Atlantic Ocean)
    • Nigeria’s population of 184 million people. It’s 3 times larger than the UK in size and population.
    • In the 21st Century Nigeria has gone from a LIC to a NEE. 
    • In 2014, Nigeria over took South Africa as the largest economy in Africa. 
    •  Nigeria’s population is growing fast due to a high rate of young people and a high birth rate. This results in a high rate of natural increase. 
    • In 2015, Nigeria was ranked 7th in the world for population however, in 2050, it is predicted it will rank 4th behind India, China and the USA.
    • acts as a port for West Africa and Nigeria. this is via Lagos


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