Nigeria case study - political and trading relationships

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    • How are Nigeria’s trade relationships changing?
      • Will still import manufactured goods such as machinery, chemicals and transport equipment
      • Trade with larger economies
      • Oil is the main trading good
      • Trade with UK, USA, China, India and other countries in the European Union
    • What influence does China now have on Nigeria’s economy?
      • In 2014, the China Railway Construction Corporation got a US$12 billion contract to build a new 1400 km railway along the coast of Nigeria 
      •  Nigeria needs investment in infrastructure and China can provide it.
      • China’s fast growing economy means that they need more resources and Nigeria can provide these resources
      • There is growing Chinese investment in Nigeria and other African countries
    • Nigeria's relationship with Britain
      • The trade was that Nigeria would provide natural goods to Britain and in exchange they would provide manufactured goods
      • From 1650 to 1807 Britain traded enslaved African people to places such as America and the Caribbean
      • Nigeria was ruled by Britain until 1960 when they gained independence 
      •  In 1807 slavery was made illegal so trade with West Africa changed to palm oil which was used to make soap in Britain
      • In the late 19th century a lot of Africa became part of the British Empire


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