Nigeria Case Study - TNC's

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  • Nigeria Case Study - TNC's
    • A TNC is a large company that operates in several countries. A TNC usually has its headquarters in one country with production plants in several others.
    • TNC's late in foreign counties to take advantage of:
      • tax incentives
      • Cheap labour
      • laxer environmental laws
      • Access to a wider market
    • Unilever
      • Working for Unilever is positive because it creates lots of jobs building a stronger economy
      • Unilever has located in Nigeria because they want product range and there is no tax on Unilever.
    • Shell Oil in Nigeria
      • Shell has a positive presence in Nigeria because it creates lots of jobs, shell pays taxes and export revenue, and they energy sector will increase. There are some negatives such as pollution causing over fishing yields.
      • Nigeria has lots of good quality oil in the Niger Delta, they can also get lower labour in Nigeria




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