Nigeria's changing relationships with the wider world

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  • Nigeria in the wider world
    • how have its political links changed?
      • until 1960 it was part of the British Empire
        • since independence Nigeria has become a member of the British Commonwealth
      • Nigeria is a leading member of African political and economic groups, and international organisations
        • ECOWAS: trading group
        • UN: Nigeria has a significant role in peacekeeping
        • African Union: economic planning and peacekeeping group
        • CEN-SAD: trading group and develops sporting links
        • OPEC: aims to stabilise the price of oil and ensure a regular supply
    • global trading relationships
      • imports: refined petroleum, cars, telephones
      • exports: crude and refined petroleum, natural gas, rubber, cocoa and cotton
        • crude oil dominates Nigeria's exports
          • India is its biggest customer
        • Australia and Indonesia are the biggest customers for Nigerian cotton


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