Night sweat

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  • Night Sweat
    • Robert Lowell
      • Writes experimental poetry
      • Suffered from BPD
      • Serial Cheater
    • Structure
      • contains two sonnets.   There are a total of 10 syllables in each line and the overall poem is composed of iambic pentameter with some variations.
    • anticlimax in the second line of the poem. Here, the “stalled equipment” is a metaphor for the poet’s pen or poetic imagination.
    • important metaphor in the phrase, “my life’s fever”. It’s a reference to the poet’s dead thoughts
    • a simile in the line, “as your heart hops and flutters like a hare.” In this section, the poet uses zoomorphism by referring to the hare and tortoise.
    • His “stalled equipment” or the pen on the table lies as if it has become useless like the “old broom” kept at one side. Here, the poet assures readers that he lives in a “tidied room” and those items are at their place, not scattered.
    • sweet salt -  oxymoron says that he feels like his skin is covered with salt.
    • The child-like spirit in his mind has passed away. What is left, is also on the verge of extinction.
    • addresses his wife as a “poor turtle” and requests her to absolve him from this stagnancy. Moreover, the poet refers to the tortoise’s carapace as a “dead weight” and compares it to responsibilities. She does her part unquestionably. For this reason, the poet counts on her in the hard times of his life


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