nike identities

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  • nike identities
    • symbolic violence
      • many students were conscious that society looked down on them
      • leads them to seek alternative ways of creating self worth. investing themselves in styles like nike
    • rejection of higher education
      • nike styles play part in working-class pupils rejection of higher education
      • unrealistic
        • not for people like them but for richer smarter people
        • unaffordable and risky advestment
      • undesirable
        • would not be able to afford higher education
        • would not suit their preferred lifestyle
    • non-conforming
      • not conforming was social suicide
      • could be bullied and not get approval from peer groups
    • conflict
      • conflict with schools dress code
      • reflecting the schools middle-class habitus teachers opposed 'street styles'
    • gendered
      • girls adapted a hyper-heterosexual feminine style
      • pupils identities were also strongly gendered
    • archer et al
      • w/c pupils may choose self-elimination from education
      • working class pupils investment in 'nike' identities is not only a cause of their educational marginalisation by school also expresses their positive preference for a particular lifestyle


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