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  • NMC
    • What is the NMC and what is their vision?
      • The NMC are the professional regulators for nurses and midwives in the UK, and nursing associates in England.
      • Their vision is safe, effective and kind nursing and midwifery that improves everyone’s health and wellbeing.
      • They are a professional regulator of almost 732,000 nursing and midwifery professionals,they play an important role in making this a reality.
    • Who do the NMC not regulate?
      • Allied health professionals(Physio’s, OT’s, Psychotherapists, Biomedical Scientists, paramedics etc) also (Doctors, Surgeons etc.)
    • What is the NMC’s ‘CODE’ and what is it’s four themes?
      • The CODE presents the professional standards that nurses, midwives and nursig
      • It is structured around four themes
      • Practice Effectively
      • Preserve Safety
      • Promote professionalism and trust
      • Prioritise People
    • What do the NMC do?
      • They set education standards, which shape the content and design of the programmes and state the competencesof a nurse, midwife or nursing associate.
      • They approve education institutions and programmes and maintain a database or approved programmes (courses).
      • They deliver quality assurance or our approved programmes.
      • We register nurses, midwives and nursing associates when they have successfully completed their courses.
      • They assess and ensure the quality of practice placements for students.


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