Principles and Benefits of Indian Head Massage

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  • Principles of Indian Head Massage
    • Psychologic
      • Relieves stress - restores body to state of "rest and repose"
      • Calming for the spirit
      • Relaxing or invigorating for the mind or body
      • Relieves depression by stimulation of endorphins
    • Physical
      • Eases headaches
      • Helps with scalp and hair problems
      • Boost circulation by bringing fresh nutrients and oxygen to cells
      • Relieves eye strain
      • Boosts the immune system
      • Helps restore joint movement
      • Warms tissues, relaxes tense muscles, reduces pain and fatigue
      • Increases lymphatic flow, aiding removal of waste and toxins
      • Improves skin condition
      • Stimulates or soothes nerve endings depending on massage movement
      • Reduces blood pressure and pulse rate


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