NOG -Secret police

pink -A2

red - A3

orange - N2

yellow - PG

green - Lenin

l blue - Stalin

d blue - Khrushchev

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  • Secret Police
    • ‘Third Section’ and Okhrana (1880) effectively repress opposition,
      • though AlexanderII eventually assassinated byPeople’s Will in 1881.
    • Nicholas II ineffective at preventing SD & SR opposition groups, a splinter of SD being the Bolshevik party.
    • CHEKA used during the CivilWar effectively to implement War Communism
      • efforts torepress bourgeoisie called ‘RedTerror’.
    • Stalin uses NKVD to eradicate opposition, no challenges to his authority later on.
      • Stalineven purges the NKVD itself.
    • Khrushchev used secret police (MVD & KGB) but liberal turnled to his downfall.


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