nuclear war and weapons of mass destruction

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  • nuclear war and weapons of mass destruction
    • Islam
      • muslims believe that the issue is whether or not the nuclear weapons are used
      • muslims believe god created the earth and all life on wealth and that muslims have a duty and responsibility to care for them and to work for peace
        • life is sacred, and using weapons which could kill millions of people and possible completely destroy the earth goes against the teachings of islam
          • "do not contribute to your destruction with your own hands"
      • in conventional warfare, innocent civilians must be protected
      • iraq and syria are muslim countries and used chemical weapons against groups in their countries who they perceived to threaten their leadership
      • "fight in God's cause against those who fight you, but do not overstep the limits"
        • this doesn't justify the use of nuclear weapons or weapons of mass destruction become cy harming innocent civilians, they breach the limits of warfare
    • example = Hiroshima, Japan - ww2 - 140,000 people died
      • repeated in nagasaki and marked the end of ww2 - justified use of nuclear weapons for some people
    • believed that they prevent world wars due to fear of consquences
      • europe has been relatively peaceful since ww2
    • chemical weapons - contain lethal chemicals
    • biological weapons - harmful bacteria and viruses to atmosphere
    • Christianity
      • only god has the authority to end the life that he created
        • the use of nuclear weapons which would kill huge numbers of innocent civilians can never be justified
        • "you shall not murder"
      • "any use of nuclear weapons would violate the sanctity of life" - policy advisor steve hucklesby on behalf of 4 uk churches
      • CCND - Christian campaign for nuclear disarment - aims to support Abolition 2000 campaign - sims to permanently abolish nuclear weapons
        • they raise awareness and promote the need to pray for peace
      • "if there is serious injury, you are to take life for life"
      • jesus was a pacifist


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