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  • Nutrients
    • Protein
      • Growth,Healing and energy
      • Deficiency: Poor Growth, slow healing
      • Meat, Fish, Eggs, Milk, Cheese,Cereal, Pulses, Some Nuts
    • Fat
      • Provides and stores Energy,insulates body, protects organs and skeleton, provides vitamins A,D,E,K
      • Meat, Oily Fish, Dairy Foods, Margarine, oils, fats, suet, nuts, seeds,egg yolk
      • Little Growth of body tissue, little acid
    • Vitamin A
      • Aids Night Vision, keeps skin healthy
      • dairy produce, egg yolk, oily fish, fish liver oil Margarine, carrots, spinach, apricot, parsley, watercress
      • Night Blindness, leads to total blindness: Dry infected skin and poor growth
    • Vitamin D
      • Helps to absorb calcium
      • Fish Liver Oils, liver, oily fish, milk,margarine
      • Weak Bones: leads to rickets: poor growth
    • Vitamin E
      • Keeps  Cell Membranes healthy, helps prevent heart disease
      • lettuce, peanuts, seeds, wheat germ, vegetable oils
      • Muscle tissue dmage: sweling of fatty tissue, increased breakdown of fatty tissues
    • Carbohydrates
      • Lack of Energy
      • Bread, Cereals, Vegetables, Fruit, Sugars
      • provides energy
    • Vitamin K
      • Helps Blood To clot after injury
      • Many  foods especially green leafy vegetables
      • Rare- blood fails to clot properly: most likely to occur in newborn babies
    • Vitamin B Group
      • Thiamin
        • Releases energy from carbohydrates, helps with groeth and the nervous system
        • Poor concentration and memory, anxiety, weak muscles, poor growth
      • Riboflavin
        • Releases energy from carbohydrates, proteins,and fats helps growth
        • Poor Growth, skin and eye infections, sore mouth
      • Nicotinic acid
        • Releases energy from carbohydrates
        • dermatitis, confusion, memory loss and diarrhea
      • Cobalamin (B12)
        • Helps body use protein properly; involved in many chemical reactions
        • Anaemia
      • Folic Acid
        • Release energy from foods
        • Poor growth - spinal bifidia in unborn babies, aneamia
      • Yeast, yeast extract, cereals, cereal products, meat, egg, milk
    • Vitamin C
      • Helps body absorb iron: makes strong bones, teeth, blood, blood vessels, and connective tissue, keeps skin and digestive system healthy
      • Black currants, oranges, lemons, grapefruit, kiwi, peppers, potatoes, cabbage, peas, bean sprouts
      • Loose teeth, bleeding gums, loss of weight, slow healing, scurvy
    • Calcium
      • Makes  strong bones and teeth, helps blood to clot, keeps muscles and nerves healthy
      • Dairy produce,bread, cereal, leafy vegetables, canned fish bones.
      • Bones and teeth become worn and muscles and nerves don't function properly, may result in osteoporosis when old
    • Iron
      • Helps carry  oxygen around the body
      • Liver, Kidney, cocoa, curry powder, white bread, dried fruit, lentils, treacle, grean leaf vegtables
      • Tiredness,we-akness, pale skin
    • Phosphorus
      • Same as calcium: releases energy from food
      • All animal and plant cells
    • Chloride, Potassium, Sodium
      • Keeps body fluids at the right concentration
      • Salt and salty foods
      • Muscle cramps
  • Carbohydrates
    • Lack of Energy
    • Bread, Cereals, Vegetables, Fruit, Sugars
    • provides energy


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